Website Maintenance Plans

Website Maintenance Plans

Keeping your website up-to-date and secure from hackers.

So you’ve made a major investment to get your new website released? Now is not the time to put it on the shelf and let it gather dust again. Choose from one of our flexible website maintenance plans to ensure dynamic and fresh content, keep users engaged and interested, and keep your site in good standing on Google!


Regular maintenance, site back-ups, along with dynamic, relevant content are critical pieces to give your company a trusted and appealing online presences. Maintenance also ensures the latest security and bug fixes are implemented keeping your content secure and protected from hacking risks.


The more you draw visitors to your site with new and interesting content, the higher your site will be in Google search rankings.

  • Basic Plan

  • Includes site backups, theme & plugin updates, 1 hour of labor for site changes at a discount.
  • Just enough if you require small changes such as updating text or image content. This may be just the plan for you if you are looking to make a small number such as switching out pictures or text.
The Basic Plan ensures your theme and plugins are up to date with the latest security fixes, backups are made at regular intervals.
  • Development Plan

  • Includes site backups, theme & plugin updates, 3 hours of labor for site changes at a discount.
  • The Development Plan is a great option if you are planning to slowly add pages and features to your website. You may also benefit from this plan if you need multiple website changes at once.
The Development Plan is a good option if you are looking to slowly build your site over time.
  • Dynamic Plan

  • Includes site backups, theme & plugin updates, 5 hours of labor for site changes at a discount.
  • The dynamic plan covers you for multiple changes within a single month.  Appropriate for sites that are focused on product sales, rapid-cycling events, promotions, ticket sales, product updates, seasonal updates; content changes made on a regular basis, with priority.
The Dynamic Plan ensures we'll address multiple site changes on a regular basis with priority when you need them.
  • At Your Service

  • Includes site backups, theme & plugin updates, 10 hours of labor for site changes at a discount.
  • Our At Your Service plan is for companies who require more extensive website changes or a large number of smaller changes. This plan is appropriate for companies who wish to steadily build and grow their web presence over time.


  • A La Carte

  • You contact us on an as needed basis. An hourly rate for backups, software updates, email trouble shooting, to content and text changes.
  • If you anticipate a static site, with infrequent changes, or no need for content changes, this plan may suit you just fine. Pay for changes to your site only when you need them. This plan does not include regular maintenance, upkeep, software upgrades, or site performance checks.
You must initiate the request to update themes & plugins, backups, and site changes.
  • The Wild Card

  • Negotiated plan with a minimum 15 hour per month/annual commitment.
  • If your website work requires a more customized plan, please contact us to discuss a special arrangement. There is a 15 hour minimum for this plan and negotiated terms carry a 12 month minimum agreement.